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Notice on the UPS charging weight adjustment

To my dear customers

Hello. According to the Hongkong UPS notice, from April 3, 2014 onwards, UPSfor charging more than a vote of goods by the previous according to votescarry weight adjustment by piece carry, each weighing less than 0.5KGaccording to 0.5KG weight, more than 0.5KG according to 1KG weight.

Give an example.

Such as the 1 votes of 2 pieces of cargo, including a true weight is 29.1KG,volume weight is 28.1KG; the other one is 27.5KG real weight, volume weightis 28.8KG, the charging re charging method:

The old calculation method: 29.1+28.8=57.9KG, accounting for 58KG

A new calculation method: 29.5+29.0=58.5KG, accounting for 59KG

This adjustment please our customers know, and tell each other, such asinconvenience, Sorry for the Inconvenience!

Thank you for customers has been fully affirmed and support of our!

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