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EMS Frequently Asked Questions

First, there are several ways to check the EMS-mail:

1 EMS call Customer Service Telephone: Local telephone area code +11185.
2 landing query. When you query the international EMS mail, but also by the query link, enter the relevant national and regional postal website. (Useful for comparing the developed countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, the United States, especially in Germany go EMS)
3.EMS Mail SMS inquiry service, the SMS query Come learn to use.
4 EMS landing site into a user message, the message number and the recipient to provide a specific address in the message, we can help you check and reply to messages that tell you when the query results. (This step would not have answered was asked to do less results)
5 In the case of multiple queries unsuccessful, please e-mail details of a single sender support EMS (sender deposit Union) and receipts be posted to your post office EMS mail inquiries.

Two, EMS mail number:

EMS mail number of 13, where the first two letters of the alphabet, E is the first letter postal abbreviation of the courier, the second letter is the serial number (such as EA, EB, ED, etc.), the last two letters of the alphabet CN representatives China mean, the middle of nine digits, only the message number is complete, accurate, in order to check the mail message.

Three, EMS message has been sent, but no information on how to do online?

When you can not find out information on the EMS website e-mail, please let us know in the comments of users. Please accurate and complete to provide EMS number and e-mail address of the recipient Specifically, we help you find and respond to your queries as soon as possible. (Do not check, and only waited for the post office or the internal staff to help check

Four, EMS mail information query time:

EMS query message is valid for acceptance: four months from the date of the mail item is posted.
EMS mail delivery only after the relevant part of the information processing can be found online. Generally speaking, in the four hours after the e-mail sent to deal with the information found in mail delivery.