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Company Name:Shenzhen QiMingYunTong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Address:Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Logistics Building Room 716
Tel:(086) 0755-29775386
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About Us

Shenzhen the QiMingYunTong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Airport as a base, diversified logistics company for the world. The company has a team of experienced professionals, skilled professionals, and a wealth of operational experience to ensure our customers around the world in the global freight business providing professional reliable and personalized service. I rely on the prosperity of Hong Kong and Macao, the two wings and the Pearl River Delta market advantage, and has evolved into a global reach and distribution network to cover the countrys major air port, international freight company. My company is a global freight organizations and has been designated for the Chinese the brand integrity logistics industry Fair to promote logistics enterprises in 2011 become the official partner Alibaba e-Logistics.
Since the company was founded, with its excellent service quality and modern management in the industry, the rapid rise of, and enjoy a good reputation in the market. Company a set of international import and export cargo agency business, including booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, and the gathering, packaging, interim storage, and related short-distance transport of dangerous goods cargo transport operations, and actively develop a variety of large-scale logistics projects.

Our advantages: International Air Transport Ministry has been working with a number of airlines have maintained good relations of cooperation. Such as airlines UPS KE JI the LH the CA CZ OZ CI QR CX EK my company has been widely praised by the spirit of hard work and honest business purpose of faith, win-win cooperation, many partners praised for outstanding freight forwarding companies, many customers and praise. The company has their own customs broker, to provide convenient services designed for better for customers to ensure that the goods customs inspection smoothly!
Companies own the land transport sector, with 10 sets of large and medium-sized trucks, can provide customers around the country by land transit, the truly warehousing train services, allowing customers more peace of mind!

Our goal: the integration of highly professional human resources, the smooth and efficient network resource, advanced standardized management resources on the basis of providing our customers with the most personalized logistics services and more value-added services;

Our commitment: "goods entrusted, let your peace of mind";
We will strive for the development and improvement of each employee and employees to share the success of the company, so that employees feel at ease;
We will work with customers to develop inter-win and mutually beneficial, and to reassure customers;
We will do the employees of the company responsible for efforts to achieve the companys goals, the company and its customers are assured